The Tufflon and Elaston range of pure polyurea coatings exhibit high flexibility and elongation coupled with abrasion and corrosion resistance to make them the perfect lining system for protecting and sealing steel and concrete assets.

A continuous and seamless thick-film lining is spray applied with a vice-like grip to almost any surface and is touch-dry within seconds. Unlike paint, epoxy or cementitious coatings, these products remain flexible and stretchy for many years without cracking or flaking. This property accommodates subtle substrate movement typically found in such areas as expansion joints, wall floor joints and unintentional cracks that may form. TUFFLON can be walked on, tiled over, back-filled or rained on after only ten minutes from being applied. With better abrasion resistance than epoxy resins there is nothing better at protecting expensive plant and equipment against wear from gravel, coal, mineral sands or other harsh abrasives.

Since 1999 ELASTON has been widely used for waterproofing and tanking. TUFFLON has a long and successful history in commerce and industry having been used on hundreds of major projects throughout Australia.